‘Summer House’ Preview: Carl Claims Lindsay ‘Didn’t Want’ Kyle as Groomsman


Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke’s bromance has overcome many problems, but they were no match for Lindsay Hubbard when it came to her bridal party.

During a preview of the Thursday, April 4, episode of Summer House, Carl, 39, tells Kyle, 42, that he “really wanted” him to be included in their wedding. However, the offer wasn’t to be a groomsman.

“I would love for you to be a flower boy, if you’re OK with this,” Carl says to Kyle during their race car party. “We’ve got Andrea [Denver], Luke [Gulbranson] and you as flower boys.”

Kyle is taken aback because Carl served as both his wedding officiant and a co-best man when he married Amanda Batula in 2021.

‘Summer House’ Preview: Carl Radke Claims Lindsay Hubbard ‘Didn’t Want’ Kyle Cooke as a Groomsman
Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Kyle Cooke. Bravo(3)

“I’m not a groomsman?” Kyle asks. Carl firmly replies, “Your role is going to be a flower boy.”

In a confessional, Carl reveals that it wasn’t his decision to seemingly demote Kyle. He put the blame on Lindsay, 37, to whom he was still engaged when the season was filmed. (Us Weekly confirmed in August 2023 that Carl broke up with Lindsay ahead of their November 2023 nuptials.)

“I mean, this is really how I really deep-down feel. Lindsay didn’t want Kyle to be a groomsman,” Carl confesses in the Summer House teaser. “Did that come out of Lindsay’s mouth, ‘I don’t want Kyle to be a groomsman’? No. But because of what Kyle had done and said previously …”

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The clip flashes back to a season 7 moment in which Kyle yelled at Lindsay and called her a “psycho.” The outburst came amid turmoil over Carl’s responsibilities at Loverboy and how Kyle thought Lindsay was affecting his work ethic.

In the preview for Thursday’s episode, Carl admits that “last year with Kyle wasn’t great,” but he acknowledges that he wants his longtime friend to be at the wedding.

‘Summer House’ Preview: Carl Radke Claims Lindsay Hubbard ‘Didn’t Want’ Kyle Cooke as a Groomsman
Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

Ultimately, Carl reveals, “I also have to play ball with my wife — or, future wife,” which is why Kyle was given the flower boy role.

Despite feeling slighted with his wedding title, Kyle tells Carl, “I love you. I love Lindsay, man.” He adds that their troubles in summer 2022 were “never about our friendship” but reflected a “massive adjustment” with relationships and work drama.

Carl agrees, saying he’s “so glad [about] where we’re at.” Kyle understands, asking one last time for good measure, “But I’m not a groomsman?” Carl looks back at him with a straight face and says, “Flower boy.”

Although Carl and Lindsay never walked down the aisle, his friendship with Kyle has grown since filming season 8 of Summer House. The twosome reunited professionally last fall when Carl came back to Loverboy to help promote its nonalcoholic brand, which has strengthened their bond.

Summer House’s Carl Radke Is at ‘Different Friendship Level’ With Kyle Cooke

“I just love where we’re at now. I mean, I feel like in a crazy way, we kind of had to go through last year, kind of those tough moments, but it brought us a lot closer,” Carl exclusively told Us in February. “I had a lot of fun with him this past summer. Since everything [that happened last] fall, he’s been right there with me supporting me and super supportive. … I feel like we’re in a different friendship level.”

He added: “We got each other’s backs. I mean, I love this guy. I officiated their wedding. I am such a big part of their life. I love Kyle and Amanda, so just really nice to be able to get back to where we were, but even more so.”

Summer House airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.