Kylie Minogue’s biggest fan Terrence could buy a house with all the money he’s spent on her

Terence Belletty may be Australia’s biggest Kylie Minogue fan, admitting he loves the popstar so much he won’t even give up the chance to see her for his own child.

The married father of one tells 9honey he always makes his wife and daughter buy separate tickets to Kylie concerts because he’s “not willing” to lose his place at the front of the crowd.

“I know what a child’s bladder is like, and I’m not moving from my spot,” he says.

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Terence Belletty with his daughter, who also loves Kylie.

“My wife and I always have separate tickets. I’m at the front and she’s at the back with our daughter.”

It may sound harsh, but that’s just how dedicated Belletty is to Kylie and has been for over 30 years now.

Born in Australia to parents from Mauritius and India, Belletty struggled to fit in with his peers even before he became a Kylie megafan.

He struggled with bullying but found solace in the Aussie singer’s music after seeing her on Young Talent Time and Neighbours in the 1980s, when he was about 13.

“She wasn’t putting on a persona or anything like that. What you saw is what you got and it was very warm and open,” he says.

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan

Kylie’s charm drew Belletty in, but it was her music that really cemented his passion for the star, even though bullies targeted him for it.

“It wasn’t cool to be a Kylie fan […] Kylie was ‘only for the gays and the girls,'” he says.

“But Kylie’s for all people; gay, straight, old, young, male, female. She’s for everybody.”

Sadly his peers and family didn’t feel the same. 

Belletty was mocked and on one occasion a relative told him it was “about time he grew up” and ripped his Kylie posters off the wall.

It got easier as he got older and was able to distance himself from those people.

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Terence Belletty with a fellow Kylie fan at one of her concerts.

Getting older and entering the workforce also meant Belletty had disposable income to spend on CDs, merchandise and collectors items.

By the time he married his wife, he was well on his way to becoming one of Australia’s biggest Kylie superfans.

“When I bought my first house, I had a room that was the study-slash-Kylie room,” he reveals. “When we built our current house, I wanted a room that was just for Kylie.”

His wife agreed, with one rule: “There had to be a door on it, so she can close it”.

Today his Kylie room is filled to bursting with memorabilia, books, records, shirts – the list goes on.

Terence Belletty in his 'Kylie room' which is filled with almost $250,000 of memorabilia.

He’s spent over $250,000 on everything in the room, as well as tickets to plenty of Kylie concerts over the years. 

That’s almost exactly the same as the median house price in New South Wales’ cheapest suburb, Lavington, which sits at $251,406.

Belletty often pays hundreds or thousands of dollars for Kylie merchandise, though he does have to run any major purchases by his wife.

“If it’s going to be a large purchase, I will give her a heads up […] and she’ll let me know whether she’s on board with it or not,” he says.

“I’m not going to jeopardise putting food on our table and a roof over our heads.”

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Terence Belletty in his 'Kylie room' which is filled with almost $250,000 of memorabilia.

After all, he’s already got the most priceless Kylie experience of a lifetime; actually meeting her.

In 2018, he finally had the chance to meet his idol and tell her how much her music meant to him in a moment that Belletty will never forget.

“I expected tears or to be very nervous, but I was somewhat calm […] then I walked around the corner and she was there,” he recalls.

“I was giggling, I think that was the nerves […] she just reached out, put her hand on my shoulder and said, ‘Are you OK?’ And then she hugged me. 

“She spent 15 minutes with me and she was talking, laughing. I got to tell her how much she’s done for me and she gave me some words of wisdom. She was very present.”

Terence Belletty with Kylie Minogue in 2018.

They say to never meet your heroes, but Belletty couldn’t have had a better experience with the Aussie legend, who he says was super down to earth.

When he asked her to sign a few CDs, she even had her manager lean forward so she could rest them on his back to sign them.

“She was just being herself. There was no production going on,” Belletty adds.

Even after many years together, his wife still isn’t much of a Kylie fan, but Belletty has managed to convert their daughter.

It began with him playing Kylie’s music while his wife was pregnant, then shuffling through her discography in the car on school runs. 

Terence Belletty's daughter in Kylie merch as a newborn.

Now his little girl is 15, she’s old enough to start joining her dad up the front at concerts, something she’s hugely excited about.

Though Belletty is disappointed Kylie will no longer be headlining Splendour In The Grass, which has been cancelled this year, he’s hopeful she’ll tour Down Under soon.

When that happens, he has big plans to bedazzle some custom shirts with his daughter and wear them together front-row at one of her shows. Maybe more, if the wife allows it.

Terence Belletty appears on the SBS Insight episode ‘Super Fans’ on April 23.

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