5 must-watch Kim Soo Hyun dramas that are as interesting as Queen of Tears

Kim Soo Hyun is one of those K-drama actors who try to bring something different to the table with each role. He plays characters that are vastly unique and remains determined to stand out in the crowd. In 2012, when he was a rookie actor, a determined Soo Hyun faced the audience at an award show and said, “I promise you all, in ten years, you’ll see me as a good actor.” He proved himself with every role and rightly left his audience speechless. While he portrayed a sensitive and cool-headed fellow with ease, he also did not disappoint while playing an arrogant and strong-willed extraterrestrial alien in a romantic drama.
Kim Soo Hyun is versatile and there is always something fresh in his roles. He is also reportedly one of the highest-paid K-drama actors in the industry. His projects do not revolve around the usual romance and revenge plots only, which has helped him create a diverse fanbase. There’s variety in his work and there’s his pretty face – a wonderful combination!

In this article, we have compiled a list of a few K-dramas starring Kim Soo Hyun that are extremely interesting to watch:

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun as Moon Gang Tae portrays the role of a caretaker working at a psychiatric ward. He falls in love with a successful children’s book author who is introverted and antisocial. However, the two slowly begin to have feelings for each other and try to support one another emotionally. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay underscores the importance of mental health through the characters and their heartwarming journeys. Soo Hyun’s Moon Gang Tae is empathetic and patient throughout the series. He also takes good care of his autistic older brother Sang Tae. He works extra part-time jobs and makes sure his brother’s health does not seasonally worsen.

Moon Embracing the Sun (2017)

Kim Soo Hyun

The Moon Embracing The Sun is about an epic love story between King Lee Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) and a female shaman named Wol (Han Ga-In). The backstory of the drama is heartbreaking yet interesting. Yeon Woo, who was destined to be the Queen of Joseon mysteriously passes away before her wedding day. It is later discovered that she loses her memory after a traumatic incident and becomes a shaman. In this drama, Soo Hyun’s character Lee Hwon fights for his rightful ownership of the throne. He also resists the notorious royal court that plots against him and Yeon Woo.

The Producers (2015)

Kim Soo Hyun

This popular K-drama is about a group of young television producers, Ra Joon Mo, Baek Seung Chan, Tak Ye Jin, and a K-Pop star named Cindy. It focuses on the tiring lives of the people in the entertainment industry who work around the clock to gather experience and excel in their careers. Baek Sung Chan, portrayed by Kim Soo Hyun, accidentally ends up working in the variety department of KBS. He is intelligent but works clumsily and misses out on opportunities. However, as an intern, he strives hard to succeed in the broadcasting industry.

My Love from the Star (2013)

Kim Soo Hyun

Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun), who survived on Earth for 400 years meets a Hallyu popstar, Cheon Song Yi, who changes his life for the better! She is talented and ambitious and eventually falls in love with the alien who charms her off her feet. However, their relationship faces a series of disappointments when Do Min Joon’s time on Earth comes to an end. As the male lead, Soo Hyun portrays a closed-off introvert who only opens up to the woman he loves. He protects her, cares for her, and appreciates her uniqueness through and through.

Dream High (2011)

Kim Soo Hyun

Six ambitious students at Kirin High School have dreams of becoming Korean music artists. They learn how to sing, write songs, and dance perfectly to different beats. They undergo personal growth while struggling to make a mark in the music industry. Kim Soo Hyun portrays the role of an unsophisticated country boy named Song Sam Dong, who is a music prodigy with a rare disease. However, he also adorably crushes on Go Hye Mi (Bae Suzy) and maintains his lover-boy stance throughout the series.

Special mention: Crash Landing On You

Kim Soo Hyun had a guest role in the successful K-drama Crash Landing On You. He made a cameo appearance as Won Ryu Hwan, who was a North Korean spy deployed to South Korea. While the character was shown only for a few minutes, Soo Hyun’s hilarious acting made audiences adore him. According to a leading Korean media portal, the production crew thanked Kim Soo Hyun for professionally filming his part. They also added that the atmosphere during his shooting was warm and friendly.