‘I wanted to be dad’: Russell Crowe stepped back from touring his music over the years be a father

Russell Crowe has admitted that over the years, he had to find a good work-life balance once he had kids.

The Kiwi-Australian star, 60, said that at times, it was hard to juggle his incredibly successful Hollywood and music career while being a dad.

Speaking on Heart Evenings with Dev Griffin, Crowe sweetly said he put touring his music to the side as he really “wanted to be a dad” to sons Charles, 20, and Tennyson, 17, who he shares with ex-wife Danielle Spencer.

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Russell Crowe and sons

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“It’s quite a big chunk of my life once I had kids. The touring took you know, a lesser place in the priority list,” he explained.

“Mainly because if I go away to make a movie, and then the moment I finished the movie, I’m now on tour, when do I get to be dad?”

”And I really wanted to be dad… that didn’t stop me writing songs, recording and doing some shows. And now the amazing thing is, is my eldest son actually gets to travel with me,” he said about Charles, who is a musician.

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Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer

Two months ago, Crowe announced a tour of the UK and Europe with his band The Gentlemen Barbers.

The Hollywood star, 59, shared the news this week with People magazine.

”It’s going to be absolutely fantastic,” Crowe told the publication.

The tour kicks off in June in Rome, before heading to Dublin and the likes of London, Paris and Inverness. The Indoor Garden Party Tour features his band The Gentleman Barbers and Lorraine O’Reilly.

Russell Crowe on Heart Radio

Crowe and Spencer married on his 39th birthday back in 2003. The former couple first met while filming the 1990 Australian drama The Crossing.

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The pair separated in 2012 but didn’t finalise their divorce until 2018.

The pair have both moved on with respective new partners but maintain a good friendship for the sake of their children.

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