SS Rajamouli eyes animated film: âœThere are people who only watch animeâ¦â

Ace filmmaker SS Rajamouli believes that there is a high demand for animated features and series in India. The director is all set to expand the Baahubali franchise with the upcoming animated series Baahubali: Crown of Blood.

At a press conference attended by Filmfare, the RRR director expressed his wish to direct an animated film. He shared, “For a long time, I have nurtured the thought of making an animation film and whether it’s Eega or when I’m associating with Sharad (for Baahubali: Crown of Blood). It’s all for figuring out how these things are working. It helps me develop the skills to make an animated film one day.”

SS Rajamouli anime

He further opened up about the craze for anime, “Cinema is still huge in India but that’s only 10 crore of 100 crore people. Many others get entertainment from books, novels, comics and games. There are people who only watch anime. In Hyderabad, I can tell you there are people who don’t watch regular films but they watch Japanese anime.” 

“There are people getting their stories in so many different ways. The idea of Baahubali is to touch upon all those people not just film-going people,” he added. 

Baahubali: Crown of Blood is a prequel series directed by SS Rajamouli and Sharad Devarajan. The show features a stellar voice cast led by Sharad Kelkar who returns to voice Baahubali. It will release on May 17.