‘My life force’: Jeremy Renner reveals his daughter helped him recover from a near-fatal accident

Jeremy Renner has been in recovery from a near-fatal snow plough accident for 18 months now.

After a miraculous recovery, the actor credits his 11-year-old daughter Ava for helping him get through the pain.

Renner was pulled under a snow plough and crushed when he was trying to stop the tractor from sliding and hitting his nephew on New Year’s Day in 2023.

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Jeremy Renner and Ava Berlin Renner

The actor broke more than 30 bones, including his right knee, right ankle, left leg, tibia, left ankle, right shoulder and eight ribs in the freak accident.

The Mayor of Kingstown star named Ava an “ally” and “champion” whilst speaking with Entertainment Weekly on his journey to returning to health. 

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The 53-year-old actor says that he’s come a long way, but so has his young daughter, who was facing potentially losing him. 

“She is everything. She’s my life force. I felt such guilt for not wanting to come back ’cause I was OK not coming back to this planet, but I felt so bad because I forgot about my daughter,” Renner told the publication. 

Jeremy Renner was left fighting for his life after being crushed in the accident

“I forgot about everybody else, but she’s my life force, man. It took me away from any pain. I would feel, ‘So, all I have to do is get better for her’ [because] when you do that, you’re not worried about yourself and how you’re feeling and how broken you are.

“It’s like, ‘How do I help my daughter not be scared that her dad’s not doing so well?’ So, it was quite a blessing to have her as my ally, my champion through this, and she became a much stronger young woman because of that.”

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In April, Renner made his first red carpet appearance since the accident, accompanied by Ava, who he shares with his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco.

“We share the weekends together, so I can kind of get better through the week and every week I’d show her how much I’m improving, and that would alleviate a lot of the fears and terror in her. And she had to trust me more. 

Jeremy Renner with his daughter Ava

“I asked her to wait for me, and if you wait for me, I will promise you I’ll get better, and I’ll be stronger than I was before, I promise you,” Renner said. “And that is my fuel, right? And she’s growing as a young lady.”

The pair spent many days together in his hospital bed, a practice that continued into his similar set-up at home. 

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Renner says they would: “kind of sit there, feet to feet, and chat about things and perspectives.”

“And I really enjoyed this, really, grown-up time with her,” Renner added. “And then the real payout to it is, after all this time, there’s all these milestones that happened with her – pick her up from school, surprising her and taking her to parent-teacher conference, all these kind of things. And then doing the [Super Bowl] commercial was pretty awesome.”

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