‘Survivor’ Winners Through the Years: Where Are They Now?

It’s not an easy game — but someone’s got to play it! Survivor first debuted in 2000, quickly becoming a fan-favorite and ratings juggernaut for CBS.

The reality series, which awards one sole Survivor the $1 million each season after lasting 39 days outside, has come a long way over the years. Host Jeff Probst, who has been at the show’s helm since the premiere, has been open to changes as well, with formatting and twists constantly being added in​​​.

Survivor found its first champion with Richard Hatch in Survivor: Borneo. Three years later, Richard returned to compete on Survivor: All-Stars but did not take home the crown. Years later, Sandra Diaz-Twine made history and became the first-ever two-time winner.

Sandra wouldn’t be the only two-time victor for long. For Survivor’s 40th season, Winners at War, 20 former champions returned to the game to compete for a $2 million prize. Tony Vlachos ultimately took the crown and the cash.

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