Luke Newton Teases ‘Free Spirit’ Benedict’s ‘Bridgerton’ Season 4 Arc

Luke Newton Teases Benedicts Next Bridgerton Arc While Reacting to His Own 1st Season 4 Scene
Luke Newton and Luke Thompson Liam Daniel/Netflix

Luke Newton is excited to pass the Bridgerton torch to one of his costars in season 4.

“I love Benedict’s storyline this season, he is very free and I think that is a very nice place to sit on set,” Newton, 31, who plays Colin Bridgerton, told L’Beaute Homme in an interview published on Friday, May 31. “He is a free spirit and kind of a rebel. I can’t wait to see Benedict’s story next season.”

While Netflix has already renewed Bridgerton for season 4, the streaming giant has not shared which leading couple will take center stage. It has been widely speculated by fans that Benedict (Luke Thompson), Francesca (Hannah Dodd) or Eloise (Claudia Jessie) will be next. Benedict’s story plays out in Julia Quinn’s third Bridgerton novel, An Offer From a Gentleman. Netflix and Shondaland, however, swapped the order so that season 3 depicts Colin’s friends-to-lovers romance with Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan).

The first episodes of Bridgerton season 3 hit Netflix last month, with the back half of the episodes premiering later this month. It is not known how season 3 will wrap, but it will presumably follow Quinn’s book Romancing Mister Bridgerton, from which the episodes were adapted. At the end of the novel, Colin and Penelope end up getting married. As of the show’s season 3 cliffhanger, Colin has yet to receive a reply regarding his marriage proposal.

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Both Newton and Coughlan, 37, have confirmed that they will also be featured next season.

Jess [Brownell], the writer, has given us a little tiny bit of information,” Newton told L’Beaute Homme, referring to himself and Coughlan. “She let me read my first scene which was very exciting. Nic and I have talks about our hopes about our roles, but it is so hard to predict.”

He continued: “This show is so romantic but we have explored the romantic comedy. Colin is going through a difficult time so I look forward to next season, just being happy and enjoying that.”

Luke Newton Has Already Read His 1st Scene in Bridgerton Season 4
Luke Newton Liam Daniel/Netflix

Newton, who gushed that Bridgerton has “changed [his] life,” further hinted about Colin’s next story line.

“It has changed my life, I love that I get to wake up every morning and think that this is my job and all the work for the last 16 years has led to this,” Newton told L’Beaute Homme of the show. “It feels like it’s paying off. Also, the stability in the show, knowing that I get to play a different version of this character next season, particularly with Colin because he is growing up. To get to play a character that’s growing it’s a gift.”

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He continued, “One of the biggest things is the cast, it feels that there is something so different because we all connected and shared experiences that we’ve been through. … Every year someone different gets to enjoy the ride as the star of the show and then take a step back, it is a crazy experience.”

The remaining episodes of Bridgerton season 3 drop on Netflix Thursday, June 13.