Chloe Bailey reveals what it was like working with Russell Crowe on new horror film The Exorcism

Actress and singer Chloe Bailey is celebrating the upcoming release of new her horror film, The Exorcism, co-starring the likes of Ryan Simpkins, Russell Crowe and Sam Worthington.

And now the American star, 25, has reflected on working on the film and Russell Crowe, in a new chat with 9honey Celebrity.

Bailey says that despite the film being scary in nature, things couldn’t be more different behind-the-scenes for her and her co-stars.

Watch the trailer above.

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Chloe Bailey and Russell Crowe star in The Exorcism.

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Bailey says that on set, there was actually a lot of laughing, dancing and music playing between takes.

“We were laughing the entire time when we were filming,” Bailey says.

Speaking about Academy Award winner Crowe, 60, Bailey says he would often speak to her about his farm back in Australia and he would play music on set and was ”incredibly kind” to her.

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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - JANUARY 21: Chloe Bailey attends the Grand Reveal Weekend for Atlantis The Royal, Dubai's new ultra-luxury hotel on January 21, 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Atlantis The Royal)

“He was actually so incredibly kind to me, I absolutely adored working with him,” she says.

“He always played the best music on set, he was dancing, laughing and you wouldn’t expect that from him.

“He was telling me about his farm in Australia and stuff like that and he was so kind in every way, I have no complaints, Russell Crowe was the best to me,” she sweetly says.

Bailey says she shot the film four years ago with her co-stars and says it’s nice that the film is finally coming out and fans can go and see it.

Chloe Bailey and Russell Crowe star in The Exorcism.

“It’s so nice to see, I was talking abut this movie for a while and to see it’s finally going to be in theatres and people can enjoy it and be excited about it,” she says.

“And it makes me happy, it’s like when all your hard work pays off and it makes me excited also to see how I’ve come so far as an actress now and how I’ve grown from making this movie.”

Bailey, who has been acting since she was a child, admits that before taking on the film, she hadn’t actually watched any supernatural horror films, but she said yes to the role as she fell in love with the script. 

The film follows the story of an actor who takes on a new role in a horror film – when things start to go wrong. She plays the character Blake Holloway in the supernatural film.

Russell Crowe in The Exorcism

“I really love the script and I’m actually a huge scaredy-cat, I never really watched any supernatural horror film,” she says.

“And I love the murder mysteries and stuff, but anytime it’s supernatural I really shy away from it. So I really fell in love with the script and then I auditioned and got the part,” she says.

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Watching her character transform in the film, she says she was “scaring herself for sure”.

“When I was looking in the mirror, I was like there’s no way that’s me,” she says about the makeup and costuming.

Reflecting on her successful career so far, Bailey admits she sometimes pinches herself. 

“I never want to feel complacent, so I continue to strive to be even better, the sky is the limit,” she says.

The Exorcism will be released in cinemas across Australia on June 13.

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