Why Patrick Mahomes’ New Beer Commercial Can’t Air Until He Retires

Why Patrick Mahomes Beer Commercial Cant Air Until He Retires
Michael Owens/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes will have to wait until he retires to get his “big break” in a Coors Light commercial.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, 28, recently shot an ad with the beer giant that was released on Wednesday, June 26. However, the commercial was put in the Coors Light Time Capsule until further notice because of the NFL’s rule that active players cannot promote alcoholic beverages.

In the nearly two-minute video, Mahomes could be seen standing on top of a train as it moved through snowy terrain with a triumphant score playing in the background. The three-time Super Bowl champion then stood up and exclaimed, “Looks like we’ve got company!”

A producer then yelled, “Stop shooting! Turn the cameras off! Kill the fan,” as she walked up to Mahomes, adding, “I can’t let you shoot this Coors Light commercial.”

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After Mahomes questioned her as to why, she explained, “It says so right here. No player shall be allowed to promote a beer while they play professional football, no matter how cool and high stakes it is. They even bolded that last part.”

“So that’s it?” Mahomes asked. “This was supposed to be my big break.”

Why Patrick Mahomes Beer Commercial Cant Air Until He Retires
Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

A man on set then suggested that the commercial be locked away in a time capsule to be “unearthed someday in the future when Patrick Mahomes finally has permission to promote our beer.” The video ended with Mahomes burying the time capsule.

Fans applauded the “genius” marketing loophole for Coors’ newest ad, with one YouTuber writing, “I literally just laughed out loud at work!” Another said, “THIS is making great ideas to sell your beer.”

This isn’t the first Coors Light commercial Mahomes has been in while actively playing in the NFL. Despite the no-alcohol-promotion rule, the three-time Super Bowl MVP appeared in a Coors commercial in 2022, in which he promoted a Coors flashlight as opposed to directly endorsing the beverage.

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The following year, he starred in another commercial that showed him interacting with a Coors Light Bear.

“Coors Light Bear is zero percent adult beverage and 100 percent mammal. It’s the perfect bear to hang out with after a long day,” a voice said over Mahomes and the bear partaking in leisurely activities, like eating snacks on the couch and playing a round of golf.

Mahomes’ latest partnership with the brand comes ahead of the Chiefs’ 2024-2025 season, which will kick off with a September 5 game against the Baltimore Ravens at their home field, Arrowhead Stadium.