Exclusive: Manisha Koirala opens on feeling lonely after cancer diagnosis

Manisha Koirala has been known for her unique performances, with the latest being her enigmatic role of Mallikajaan in Heeramandi. While she continues to reign as a leading lady in Bollywood, there was a point in her life when she was mostly concentrating on her health. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 and underwent treatment in New York.

Manisha Koirala cancer
During an exclusive interview In The Ring With Filmfare, the actress opened up on her journey to recovery. She discussed how her initial shock after hearing the news slowly turned into strength and compassion. “Initially, I was shocked. The night I heard it, I was alone at the hospital. That was the longest and the loneliest night for me. I wasn’t in pain but I had a fear of death. It cannot be explained through words.”

Delving deeper, Manisha noted that she realized that the things that she thought were most valuable held no importance. “I feel it teaches you a lot. A lot of frills are taken off and the reality comes in. You change. You realize the things you had valued are no longer important. What matters are solid, real, and authentic connections,” she said.

Manisha Koirala cancer

Manisha also quipped that she understood the importance of strong bonds while going through treatment. “People may or may not stand with you in your tough times. So, make your bonds with real people stronger. Be there for them. Also, forgive and move on. I have done that. I made peace. I was immature to expect some people to be there. Today, I realize, it is tough to be with someone when you think they are dying. Somewhere, it reminds them of our mortality. People like to be in their happy space because they are also going through struggles themselves,” the Heeramandi actress noted.

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