Why Joey Fatone Loves Nutrisystem

The quarantine weight gain struggle is real. While it may feel like you’re alone (because, well, you technically are), many people are actually going through a very similar experience.

In a OnePoll survey of 2,000 people conducted on behalf of Nutrisystem, over 68% of respondents feel like their eating habits have gotten progressively worse as the pandemic continues. With reasons ranging from stress to constantly being surrounded by food at home, it’s no secret that this new lifestyle has led to some new pounds on the scale for most people. In fact, around 91% of respondents said they have gained weight since March 2020.

Joey Fatone has also fallen into some old habits and gained a few pounds while staying home during quarantine. The singer, famously known as a member of the iconic boy band *NSYNC and host of the game show “Common Knowledge,” is ready to get back on track. “It’s a new year and I’m ready to make some changes,” he says.

“I want to revisit what worked for me, which was Nutrisystem,” says Joey. “My dad and I remembered how well it worked for me back when I used it on Dancing with the Stars, and all these years later it’s even better.”

Joey loves Nutrisystem because “it tastes good and you don’t have to think about the calories.” It makes losing weight easy with delicious meals you can just “pop in the microwave.” Plus, it’s “delivered right to the door!” says Joey. “It is absolutely ridiculously amazing.”

Even Joey’s dad has joined the Nutrisystem family. According to Joey, “he’s crushing it” and losing weight, too.

Joey also loves that the meals and snacks are color-coded for easy grabbing and going. “If you want breakfasts, just grab the yellow ones. I love the omelets and the waffles,” he says.

Some of Joey’s other favorite Nutrisystem foods include the Chicken Mozzarella Melt for lunch, the Chicken with Lemon Sauce for dinner and the Cheese Puffs for a snack.

“I challenge you guys, come with me and join this challenge and let’s lose this weight together,” says Joey. “Let’s see what we can do and live more of a healthy lifestyle.”

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