Meet Buttercup! Get to Know Yana Perrault Before the Powerpuff Girls Reboot Comes Out

When I imagine how Buttercup will be portrayed in the live-action remake of The Powerpuff Girls, certain adjectives come to mind: tough, rebellious, and sarcastic. While Buttercup does have those characteristics, she’s also more sensitive than she seems ー and that’s the vibe I get from Yana Perrault, the actress playing her. Other than Yana’s amazing artistic talents and IRL Buttercup-esque style, she’s inspirational and compassionate; many of her Instagram captions contain encouraging messages that at least I need to hear more regularly. Keep reading to learn more about Yana’s passions and strengths ー including singing ー to prepare for The CW’s remake. I have no doubt you’ll be downloading her songs right after, unable to wait for the show to hear more from her!