Stars Who Have Come Out as Bisexual

Sharing their truths. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have not shied away from openly discussing their bisexuality.

Amber Heard revealed in 2010 at GLAAD’s 25th anniversary event that she’s had “successful relationships” with both men and women. The Aquaman actress was married to Johnny Depp from 2015 to 2017 but she has also been linked to Elon Musk and photographer Tasya Van Ree. As of early 2020, she has been dating cinematographer Bianca Butti.

Heard opened up to Italian magazine IO Donna in 2019 about why she chose to publicly address her sexual orientation despite warnings from industry execs and her publicists. “To be silent about something means to admit underneath that that thing is wrong. But I knew it was not like that,” she explained at the time, per Cosmopolitan.

“So I told myself to describe reality in a truthful way and to offer young people someone to look up to since those of my generation had grown up without any model of reference,” the Pineapple Express actress continued. “Who knows, thanks to me, maybe someone has felt less inadequate.”

Billie Joe Armstrong publicized his bisexuality in the early 1990s. He later spoke to Out magazine in 2010 about how his sexual orientation shouldn’t be a concern for his fans.

“The fact that it is an issue is kind of phobic within itself. At some point … this should be something that’s just accepted,” the Green Day rocker said at the time. “I don’t really classify myself as anything. And when it comes to sex, there are parts of me that are very shy and conservative. I want to respect my wife.”

The “American Idiot” crooner has been married to Adrienne Armstrong since 1994. They share sons Joey, Joseph and Jakob.

Michelle Rodriguez, meanwhile, has been linked to Zac Efron and Cara Delevingne in the past. After coming out in 2013, the Fast & Furious actress opened up about her decision to publicize her interest in both sexes.

“I’m not big on people’s opinions, you know? Unless it’s somebody I really respect,” she told Gay Star News in 2014. “I don’t care what people out there have to say. But I do realize the importance of having the bravery to live as who you are and I feel like a lot of people don’t have that bravery.”

Rodriguez added: “Maybe, by me opening my big fat mouth like I usually do and stepping up and owning who I am, maybe it might inspire somebody else to do the same.”

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