Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin’s Ups and Downs

A rocky road. Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin first confirmed their relationship in January 2020 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic — and it was messy through the end of the rapper’s life. He died unexpectedly in November 2022, Us Weekly confirmed at the time.

The late singer and model had many ups and downs during their relationship, including a breakup, a reunion, a pregnancy loss and a rainbow baby. In September 2021, things appeared to be solid between them as a then-pregnant Martin gushed about Carter in a touching tribute via Instagram.

“The couples that are meant to be, are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger. Even through our darkest storms I know you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my days with @aaroncarter. I’m so blessed and grateful for the life we have built,” she wrote. “I can’t wait to welcome our son into this world in just a few short months. I love you with all my heart. I’m so excited for our little family and all of life’s blessings coming our way. We all have ups and downs but I intend to keep my private life behind doors. You live and you learn. Xx.”

Two months later, the duo welcomed their first child together, a son named Prince. The House of Carters alum shared the happy news on his Instagram on November 22, revealing that Martin underwent an emergency cesarean after 13 hours of labor.

“Emergency C Section after 13 hours of labor but my fiancé is in great health thank you lord and the incredibly sweet loving staff here. Prince is precious I love you son. Your mommy loves you as I drop tears on the phone,” the “I Want Candy” singer captioned via Instagram in November 2021, showing a photo of him at the hospital cutting the umbilical cord. “@missmelaniemartin I’m so proud of you hunny you did it I Love you with all my heart my beautiful blessings from god.”

The new parents cozied up together for an Instagram video days later, with Carter captioning the 10-minute clip, “I love you so much our beautiful son. @missmelaniemartin. Family. Growth. Persevere.”

Unfortunately, things took a turn. Seven days after welcoming the little one, the duo split. The musician announced the news via Twitter, calling out his twin sister, Angel Carter, and brother Nick Carter in the process.

“I have the most conniving deceiving family and Melanie has been lying to me the whole time communicating with my twin sister and the family members who tried to put me in prison and who tried to get a conservatorship on me in court,” he wrote at the time, claiming his ex-fiancée was taking their son to Las Vegas. “I’m in shocked this is horrible.”

He added, “Don’t worry you trolls won you ruined my life alongside w Angel my twin Lauren Kitt and nick god bless. I’m a good man. I’m sleeping in my car ok.. and he is in the house. How utterly rude of you. Please respect my privacy thinking you know what’s best for MY SON!!! Thanks. … Then tore time when she knew not to be speaking w a family member who tried to 5150 me and put me in jail and tried to entrap me. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be talking to my sister lying about it for two years. Thank you Angel my sister and trolls for destroying my family.”

The two appeared to be on better terms several months later, with pal Mic Garcia captioning a May 2022 photo with Aaron and Martin, “Mom & Dad ✍😈❤,” via Instagram.

Martin mourned his death the following November, sharing several throwback photos of her love via Instagram Story in the hours following his passing.

Scroll through the gallery below for a full timeline of the duo’s ups and downs: