Meet the Actors Who Play the Young Counterparts of Your Favorite “Wednesday” Characters

“Wednesday” has captured Netflix viewers’ attention with its star-studded cast, which includes the iconic Catherine Zeta-Jones and talented Jenna Ortega. But the show’s multiple flashback scenes have also given fans a glimpse at younger versions of the characters we all know and love, featuring rising actors you might not be familiar with yet.

Young Morticia and Gomez Addams, in particular, are given quality screen time as they recount their old memories at Nevermore Academy, where Gomez was once accused of murder and Wednesday currently attends boarding school.

These younger actors help thicken the plot and give context as to why each character evolved into the person they are now. Plus, it’s always incredible to see how the imaginative “Wednesday” hair and makeup team work to turn back time for each character.

Read on to find out everything we know about the actors behind the younger versions of our favorite “Wednesday” characters, from individual members of the Addams Family to the enigmatic Nevermore staff.