22 Lighthearted, Cozy Mystery Books to Settle Down With

A warm, fuzzy blanket is wrapped around you, candles are flickering nearby, and the real world has slowly slipped away as you’re lost inside a good book – it’s the perfect evening. The power of a book is simply irresistible. From tracking down fictional murderers to learning about iconic women, every #booknerd loves a mystery-thriller book. But if you’re sick of not being able to get to sleep after reading intense books late at night, you may want to give cozy mystery books a try.

Unlike horror, thrillers, or true-crime novels, cozy mysteries don’t get into the bloody gore of murder or the violent actions of hardened criminals or sociopaths. They are as delightful as they sound: lighthearted, comical mysteries that draw you in without raising your heart rate. According to Goodreads, cozy mysteries (aka Cozies) rarely include sex, profanity, or violence. Instead, it’s usually based in a small town, where an amateur detective personally knows all the suspects, keeping you guessing as you wade through the charm. If you are looking for a few cozies to enjoy this month, check out the best options ahead. The only thing left to solve is which one you’ll pick up first!