Kylie Jenner’s Birth Chart Proves She Was Destined to Be Successful

As a Leo sun, Scorpio moon, and Capricorn rising, there’s no doubt that Kylie Jenner was born to be a star. Her sensuality and eye for opportunity will always be a cosmic force behind her ambition. Plus, we haven’t even talked about her other astrological placements or what she can expect from her upcoming transits.

At just 25 years old, Jenner is currently going through a second-house profection year. Annual profection will bring a house into focus, so the themes associated with that house will become the overarching themes for that year of life. The second house rules over concrete wealth, value systems, and security, so Jenner’s 25th year of life will be hyperfocused on her stability. From now until her 26th birthday on Aug. 10, Jenner may find that her desires are in focus, which can go beyond money and material items. So this could be the time when she may value something more in her life, especially if she feels restricted in certain areas, like love or self-expression.

As far as the next few years go, Jenner may find there is a stronger desire to restructure her local community and communication skills, since Saturn in Pisces will be transiting her third house. During this time, we may see a more communicative side to Jenner, so she may become more vulnerable in her interviews or write about something a little closer to home. Her immediate group dynamics may also change throughout this Saturnian period, so we may see new friends come into the picture while old relationships fade into the background.

But for now, Jenner’s upcoming transits suggest she may need something more in her love life and with her self-expression, which may become more apparent during the summer as her birthday approaches. With so much going on in her life, let’s dive into Jenner’s birth chart to see what her natal placements have to say about her success.

The Big 3

The core components of any birth chart would be the big three: the sun sign, the moon sign, and the rising sign. All three placements summarize your personality, emotional reactions, intuition, first impression, and look. Depending on which zodiac sign corresponds with each placement, this adds even more depth about the placement and how it can show up in your life. If you’d like to calculate your big three, then you will need your birth date, time, and place. Luckily, Jenner’s birthday, time, and place are available online, so we can calculate a complete birth chart for her.

Leo Sun

The sun sign is arguably one of the most important parts of your birth chart since some astrologers argue that it can dictate anywhere between 80 to 90 percent of your personality. Since the sun sign is significant, it rules over your core ego and how you embody your vitality. Given that the sun is the traditional ruler of Leo in astrology, having a Leo sun is considered to be incredibly auspicious! As a Leo sun, Jenner exudes an unbridled sense of self-assuredness and self-confidence in all that she does.

Not to mention that Leo is depicted as the lion in astrology, so Jenner’s outfit choices have been true to her sun sign, especially when she donned her infamous lion-head dress at Schiaparelli’s Paris Haute Couture Week show. Only a Leo sun would be so bold to wear their astrological depiction! Also, if Leo is associated with the king of the jungle, then this would connect with her “King Kylie” days. Aside from the feline associations, Leo is also the zodiac sign associated with children and pregnancy. So Jenner’s Leo sun would suggest that she may feel incredibly fulfilled as a mother and living vicariously through her two children, Stormi and Aire.

Scorpio Moon

If the sun sign is an outward expression of your personality, then the moon sign is the inward expression, since this is your secret self. The moon sign represents how you express, process, and appraise your emotions. Unfortunately, Scorpio moon isn’t considered to be traditionally well-placed, since this moon sign is fall, so there might be more issues with emotional processing and vulnerability. True to her Scorpio moon, Jenner usually keeps her emotional self on lockdown. Although she’s not afraid to show off her sultry side, Jenner isn’t one to overshare her life. But her secretive Scorpio moon has helped her keep some important life events on the down low, like waiting to reveal her first pregnancy and her son’s name.

Given that the moon sign can also represent the mother or maternal figure in astrology, Jenner’s Scorpio moon may shed light on her relationship with her Scorpio-sun mother, Kris Jenner. Since both Jenners have matching sun and moon signs, this may allude to an incredibly strong relationship where they completely understand one another. Because they have matching sun and moon signs, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jenner is her mom’s favorite daughter, since they would have this innate, Scorpionic understanding of one another.

Capricorn Rising

While the sun- and moon-sign placements are our truest selves, these placements might not be immediately noticeable since the rising sign illustrates your first impression and even how you look. Typically, Capricorn rising would be considered mature beyond their years since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of time, karma, restriction, and authority. Like her Capricorn rising, Jenner could be considered an “old soul” given the conditions of her childhood. Unlike most, Jenner was raised in front of the cameras, where millions watched her become the person she is today and criticized her in the process of her highly publicized development. As a result, Jenner’s Capricorn rising would allude to her becoming a serious professional at a young age who would have to appear more refined due to her level of status and notoriety.

Given that Capricorn rising indicates that Capricorn rules the first house in Jenner’s birth chart, this would mean Leo is the ruler of the eighth house, Libra of the 10th house, and Scorpio of the 11th house. So Jenner’s Leo sun would be hidden in the mysterious eighth house, suggesting her true personality would be kept out of the public eye. Although Jenner’s sun might be just out of sight, her Mars would be activating her 10th house, which would help her become well-known for her ambition, sensuality, and determination. Then Jenner’s Scorpio moon would nurture the 11th house, suggesting she would keep a close, tight circle of friends and that her mother would assist with Jenner’s desire to pursue her dreams.

Personal Planets

Similar to the big three, the personal planets signify other key traits in your birth chart and include Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These three placements can refer to your aesthetic, commitments, ambitions, and communication skills. Personal planets would likely manifest in Jenner’s love life, style, and energy.

Virgo Mercury

When it comes to communication and mental agility, this is Mercury’s domain! Virgo Mercury is an auspicious placement to have, so consider Jenner blessed. Typically, Virgo Mercury would shine in acting, writing, or even singing. Although Jenner isn’t necessarily known for her Mercurial attributes, her funny moments like “Rise and Shine” still live on in our memories, and she has an incredible PR presence in her interviews. More recently, her Vanity Fair interview on motherhood and postpartum depression presented a more mature, vulnerable side to her Mercurial placement. If Jenner ever feels called to move away from fashion and makeup, then her Mercurial placement could be something to capitalize on.

Virgo Venus

In astrology, Venus is the planet that rules over love, beauty, and money. Although Virgo Venus is traditionally debilitated in astrology, this placement still has many pros! Since Jenner shares the same Venus sign as her sister Kim Kardashian, it’s no surprise she is also well-known for her meticulous style. After all, Kardashian and Jenner are like twins with their similar styles and tastes. Jenner’s Virgo Venus would also inspire her to be in long-term relationships with rappers like Tyga and Travis Scott and to seek out a budding relationship with an actor like Timothée Chalamet.

Libra Mars

Mars is associated with anger, ambition, and sex. As a Libra Mars, Jenner would likely be more of a pacifist in her family. Libra Mars isn’t usually overly frustrated or prone to confrontation, so it would take a lot for Jenner to break the peace, since that would reflect poorly on her social image. Aside from how she handles anger, Jenner’s Libra Mars would be more inclined to pursue Venusian-influenced ambitions, which may be the cosmic influence behind her building her famous makeup empire, Kylie Cosmetics. And given that Libra is associated with skin in medical astrology, it’s no surprise her sensual Libra Mars isn’t afraid to show a little skin like wearing a micro thongkini.