28 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes Perfect For Brothers

Group costumes are always going to be our favorite Halloween costumes, and this Halloween season, we want to a shine a light on costumes that would be perfect for brothers. From real-life siblings to fictional ones, from iconic TV cousins to groups of best friends, these are the ideal costume choices for sets of brothers (though siblings of other genders can find some majorly fun inspo here too).

As for the costumes, there’s, of course, perhaps the world’s most famous brother duo, Mario and Luigi, who had a major year thanks to the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” this spring. There are quite a few sets of brothers from the worlds of “Game of Thrones” and “House of the Dragon” if you want to aim for costumes that are a little more hardcore. Or keep things more grounded and channel our favorite pair of cousins – Carmy and Richie from “The Bear.” You could also throw it way back and channel some brothers from “Supernatural,” “One Tree Hill,” or “The Goonies.”

Whatever you choose, these ideas can help you have the best Halloween ever – whether you spend it surrounded by family or with friends. Ahead, these are 28 Halloween costume ideas for brothers.