One thing that really helped me was.. Vicky Kaushal on how Katrina Kaif helped him fight his fear

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif never fail to dish out a couple goals. The two are quite open to sharing their cute pictures together on social media and Vicky Kaushal has always been vocal about how much love and warmth Katrina Kaif has brought into his life.

Vicky Katrina

Recently, he spoke about how there was a time when Katrina and he were supposed to attend an event for kids in Madurai but unfortunately, he had to go to Assam and perform in front of a crowd. But Katrina helped him fight his fear by sending him videos of kids performing in that Madurai school which really calmed him down.

Vicky Katrina

As quoted on a leading entertainment platform, he shared, “One thing that really helped me was… Katrina was playing with those kids over there, celebrating their annual function and she actually kept sending me videos of kids performing on the stage. I saw them performing on the stage, one of them was a giraffe, one of them a sunflower, they were just dancing around and they sent me a video with all these smiles and said ‘all the best Vicky uncle’ and that really changed me… that they are performing on the stage with no worry, there’s so much joy that they are feeling in performing, that’s what I carried on stage.”

They are truly our soulmates and here’s proof!