Arthdal Chronicles 2 teaser reveals the resolutions of Lee Joon-gi Shin Se-kyung and others

The character teasers for the main cast members of Arthdal Chronicles 2 were released by tvN on August 7. The teasers showcase the characters and their unique traits.

Lee Joon-gi will be playing two roles, Eun Seom and SaYa, displaying their contrasting personalities. He is now a fierce fighter who is resolved to become the Aramoon Haesulla and in the recent teaser, he says, “For Tan Ya, and for my people.”

Tan Ya, portrayed by Shin Se-kyung, is a benevolent high priestess who seeks to aid others with the guidance of God. In her individual teaser, Tan Ya warns, “This war will not end until one side is completely annihilated. I have a responsibility to stop the bloodshed.”

Tae Alha is a skilled politician with a short fuse, determined to achieve her objectives without regard for others and willing to confront anyone who obstructs her path. The teaser depicts her as the antithesis of Tan Ya, as she uses aggression instead of calmness to fight. Kim Ok-bin’s character, Tae Al-ha, is a determined politician who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. In her teaser, she said, “You cannot forget what you were trying to achieve no matter what.”

Jang Dong-gun brings depth to the role of Ta Gon, the first king of Arthdal. His powerful voice and intense gaze convey the complexity of the character’s story. Tagon is a powerful ruler who prioritises the safety of his people through various means. In his individual teaser, he says, “In Arthdal, I am order and balance. The time has come to unite Arthdal.”

Arthdal Chronicles 2: The Sword of Aramun, is a sequel to the 2019 Korean series Arthdal Chronicles, starring Song Joon-ki and Kim Ji-won. The epic fantasy drama is about the mythical ancient land of Arth. The second season of the series is set approximately a decade after Season 1 and stars Lee Joon-gi and Shin Se-Kyung and the older version of the original leads. 

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