Tiger Woods’s Son Is a Golfer, Too! Here’s What We Know About Charlie and His Sister, Sam

Whether you’re a golf fan or not, we’re willing to hedge a bet that you – like most people – can agree that pro-golfer and dad of two Tiger Woods is a household name. As of 2023, Woods is tied for first with Sam Snead for PGA Tour wins among all golfers and has also been the face of prominent athletic brands like Nike in the past. While Woods is known for holding numerous records and is regarded as one of the best golfers in the history of the sport, not every fan might be up to date on his family life. While married to his ex-wife, supermodel Elin Nordegren, between 2004 and 2010, they welcomed two children: Sam and Charlie.

Woods and Nordegren split in 2010, but Woods later said he wanted to be honest with his kids about what happened. “I’ve taken the initiative with the kids, and told them up front, ‘Guys, the reason why we’re not in the same house, why we don’t live under the same roof, Mommy and Daddy, is because Daddy made some mistakes,'” Woods told Time in 2015.

Read ahead to learn about what his kiddos are up to today.