From The Astronaut to Awake: A Jin-tastic playlist for BTS stars birthday

In the dynamic realm of K-pop, where the universal language of music breaks down barriers and transcends diverse cultures, BTS, or Bangtan Sonyeondan, stands out as a global phenomenon. Their infectious energy and musical prowess have captivated audiences worldwide. Among the exceptionally talented septet, Kim Seok-jin, affectionately known as Jin, not only boasts a “Worldwide Handsome” face and charismatic presence but also commands attention with his soul-stirring vocals.

BTS, extending beyond its status as a musical powerhouse, has evolved into a cultural icon, uniting varied audiences through its eclectic sound and profound lyrics. In this vibrant tapestry of talent, Jin emerges as a guiding star, offering not only visual allure but a voice that resonates with a profound depth. His vocal mastery has become a cornerstone of BTS’s sonic identity, leaving an enduring impression on fans and critics alike.

Before joining BTS, Jin pursued studies in acting at Konkuk University, showcasing his determination to excel in multiple facets of his craft. His journey with BTS commenced in 2013 when he was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment, the company that would later propel the group to international stardom. As the eldest member of BTS, Jin gracefully assumed the role of the group’s “Hyung” (older brother), providing support and guidance to his fellow members.

Despite limited formal training in singing, Jin’s innate talent swiftly became apparent as he adapted and refined his vocal skills within the group. His progression from a relatively inexperienced trainee to one of the industry’s most respected vocalists reflects not only his hard work but also his capacity to evolve as an artist. Referred to as the “silver voice” of BTS, this title, bestowed upon him by Grammy Nominee Lim Hyung-Ju, speaks to Jin’s remarkable breath control, enabling seamless transitions between head voice and true voice.

Currently, the BTS member is fulfilling his mandatory military enlistment and as an ARMY we can’t help but celebrate our “real maknae” and “Worldwide funny guy’s” birthday with some of his best songs.

The Astronaut

This list is never full without mentioning The Astronaut by Jin, as this was the last song he released before entering his military enlistment. Originally crafted as a heartfelt letter to ARMYs, the song is a poignant expression of Jin’s love and affection for his fans, serving as a poignant farewell as he temporarily bids them adieu before his enlistment.

The Astronaut is a pop-rock song, co-written by Coldplay, Jin and Kygo, who co-produced the single with Bill Rahko. The single was officially released on October 28, 2022. The live performance of this song took place in Buenos Aires during their concert, where Jin joined Coldplay on stage as part of the Music of the Spheres World Tour.

Super Tuna

In a burst of creativity, Jin penned the lively fishing anthem Super Tuna in just five minutes, dedicating it to ARMYs and fellow BTS members. The playful music video features Jin wearing a “super tuna” t-shirt and a jean romper, showcasing adorable dance moves on the beach surrounded by backup dancers. Released on December 4, 2021, this song stands as another delightful gift from Jin, adding a touch of fun and whimsy to our generation with its fishing-themed charm.

Talking about the making of the song. Jin said in an interview, “Our generation doesn’t have any good songs about fishing to listen to on their way on the highway. And there’s a lot of serious talk going on lately, so I thought it would be nice to make a song that’s kind of light and upbeat.”


Abyss reveals Jin’s vulnerable side, expressing raw emotion and addressing themes of struggle and introspection. This unreleased acoustic ballad, co-written with Bumzu and Pdogg, and co-composed with RM, was a birthday gift to fans.

In a letter to ARMY, Jin shared his feelings of burnout and self-reflection after achieving success. The hauntingly beautiful song delves into loneliness and a yearning to reconnect with someone special, leaving a lasting impact and solidifying Jin’s reputation as a vocal virtuoso.


Moon, from BTS’s album Map of the Soul: 7, highlights Jin’s velvety vocals and the deep bond with their fanbase, ARMY. The upbeat melody employs a celestial metaphor, likening Jin to the moon and fellow members to stars, beautifully encapsulating the symbiotic relationship between the group and their supporters. The song portrays Jin as the moon and the ARMYs as Earth, working together to mutually inspire and uplift each other consistently. Beyond its catchy tune, Moon celebrates the reciprocal love and support defining the extraordinary journey of this K-pop phenomenon.

Crystal Snow

Crystal Snow, a Japanese single by BTS released in December 2017, features Jin’s soulful and emotive vocals. His voice adds a layer of depth to the beautiful ballad, capturing the melancholic and tender emotions expressed in the lyrics. With a sense of sincerity and warmth, Jin’s vocals contribute significantly to the overall emotional impact of the song. The title, Crystal Snow, enhances the wistful atmosphere, and Jin’s ability to convey feelings of longing aligns perfectly with the song’s theme, making his performance a standout element in this poignant track.


At the core of Jin’s solo ventures lies the emotionally charged masterpiece, Epiphany. Included in the album Love Yourself: Answer, this song delves into the poignant realms of self-love and acceptance. The melodic journey, accompanied by Jin’s warm and resonant vocals, constructs a sonic experience that surpasses language barriers. Throughout the track, Jin’s delivery intensifies, mirroring the transformative narrative depicted in the lyrics. Epiphany is a powerful testament to Jin’s skill in imbuing performances with raw emotion, leaving an enduring impression on its listeners.


Jin’s solo track Awake from BTS’ second studio album, Wings, showcases his remarkable vocal range and emotional depth. The song’s orchestral arrangement adds a cinematic quality to Jin’s powerful delivery, creating a grand yet intimate sonic experience. With lyrics delving into themes of overcoming challenges and pursuing dreams, Awake resonates with listeners, standing as a timeless piece in Jin’s repertoire. Beyond highlighting his vocal prowess, the track underscores Jin’s ability to convey profound emotions through his art.

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