BTS V takes tests by fellow soldiers to sign his autographs for them

V from BTS has enlisted in the South Korean military along with the other BTS members. Fans are eagerly following news about the K-pop idol while he serves. Recently, a fellow soldier shared that V is fun and likes to test his comrades before giving autographs.


According to a post by the soldier, there are some necessary steps soldiers have take to obtain V’s autograph. The process involves writing your name on a post-it note to request an autograph from V. Executive officers are allowed to request up to five autographs, while assistant officers can request up to two. However, V doesn’t just give out his autograph, as disclosed by the soldier. If an assistant officer requests an autograph from the BTS member, they must first take a quiz in order to receive it.

BTS’ V mischievously forces them to take a quiz to receive his autograph, in which he asks things such as what the names of BTS members are and what the title of a BTS song is, and if they don’t answer right, he chases them out with other troops.


BTS’ V started his military service on December 11, 2023. After his enlistment, he collaborated with American artist UMI on a song called wherever u r which he featured in. V made his solo debut with his album Layover.

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