‘Talk amongst yourselves’: Taylor Swift suffers a wardrobe malfunction while performing in Stockholm

Taylor Swift suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing this week – but handled the situation like a true professional.

The singing sensation, 34, hit the stage as part of the Eras Tour in Stockholm, Sweden, when she exposed a glittering gold crop top underneath a blue Roberto Cavalli wrap dress.

In a video shared on TikTok, the Shake it Off singer tells fans to “please just talk amongst yourselves” as a tour staffer comes to her aid on stage.

Watch the video above.

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Taylor Swift suffers wardrobe malfunction during Eras Tour in Stockholm

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It’s believed Taylor had to adjust either her designer wrap dress or her microphone.

“I thought she was taking off her dress,” the fan wrote on TikTok.

“I like how she handles It so calmly,” another added. 

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Taylor Swift suffers wardrobe malfunction during Eras Tour in Stockholm

Another added: “She’s so human!! I LOVE THIS!!”

During her third and final performance at Stockholm’s Friends arena, believed to be the same show as the wardrobe mishap, Swift paused her set after seeing flashing lights in the audience.

She was just about to commence the acoustic, “surprise song” section of her record-breaking show when she saw the lights and used the microphone to ask if the audience members were OK.

Taylor Swift suffers wardrobe malfunction during Eras Tour in Stockholm

“Someone in the front row, can you tell me yes or no to this question: When you guys are putting a bunch of flashlights up in a group, does that mean people need help?” Swift said to a group of audience members.

The audience seemed to confirm that they were okay but the star continued to express that she would try to call for help if she sees it again.

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“We’re at the end of the night, so if I see that again, I’m gonna try to point it out. I just didn’t know if you were … waving at me,” Swift continued.

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