Kani Kusruti opens up about when she just had Rs. 3000 in her bank account

All We Imagine is Light actress, Kani Kusruti recently opened up about her financial struggles during an interview. Fighting back tears, Kani revealed that there was a time when she had Rs. 3,000 in her bank account.

The interview delved into the challenges Kani faced while pursuing her passion for acting, highlighting the harsh realities of the industry. Despite her immense talent and dedication, Kani recalled difficult times when financial stability seemed like a dream.

Kani Kusruti

Reflecting on her journey, the actress candidly revealed that she did films that she did not even want to do so that she could earn some money. She also said that she only had Rs. 3,000 in her bank account when the director of her critically acclaimed film Biriyaani offered her Rs. 70,000 for the role.

Kani Kusruti

Kani Kusruti, whose parents are activists, said she would have stuck to theatre and may not have entered films if she could earn better in theatre.