Actor Kevin Brophy, best known for his roles in Lucan and Hell Night, dies aged 70

Actor Kevin Brophy has passed away at 70 years old.

Brophy’s family announced the star died on May 11 at his home in California.

He had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a decade ago.

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Kevin Brophy in Lucan

He was first discovered by a William Morris agent when starring in a play about Jesse James in his final year of college. 

He soon found himself at MGM studios to audition for the lead role in a new TV series called Lucan.

On his way there he’d cut another driver off in traffic and waved to apologise. When he arrived, he quickly realised that the man he’d cut off was MGM executive, Barry Lowen.

His good manners seemed to bid him well with Lowen, as the studio executive told Brophy that he was perfect for the role, adding, ”Aren’t you glad you didn’t flip me off?”

That audition led to Brophy first appearing on our screens in 1977, after scoring the lead role as a 20-year-old man who had been raised by wolves and was trying to integrate into society.

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Kevin Brophy in Hell Night

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However, the TV show was short lived, and it was axed after only 12 episodes.

Brophy didn’t let that discourage him, though. He went on to star in fraternity horror film Hell Night in 1981, as well as appearances in films such as The Long Riders and GoodFellas.

He played Jocco Halsey on The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, and also made appearances on M*A*S*H, The Love Boat, Growing Pains and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

When his showbusiness career was in a lull, Brophy took to working as a valet at Hotel Bel Air where he once ran into Quentin Tarantino who told him he admired Brophy’s monologue in horror film Hell Night.

Brophy was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1953, before moving to California at the age of nine.

He went to high school in Del Mar before attending CalArts alongside classmates such as David Hasselhoff and Ed Harris.

He is survived by his wife, Amy, his four children and two grandchildren.

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