47 Sexy Romance Novels to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Who doesn’t love a page-turner? A book you simply can’t put down that ends up stained with coffee and torn up from the beach wind? Sexy romance novels are a great option for any season, not just because of their inherent steaminess but also because they’re fun, and who doesn’t want some spicy romance novels in their life?

The sexiest romance novels can inspire you to fantasize about far-off time periods or give you a few ideas for how to incorporate more kinks or role-play ideas in your sex life, but one thing’s for sure: they’ll definitely hold your attention. The following list of the sexiest romance novels has options for everyone, including the “Fifty Shades of Grey” fanatics, traditional romance novel fans, those of us who enjoy a good enemies-to-lovers twist, and readers who spend their days stalking BookTok for the next best steamy romance novel.

Whether you’re partial to tear-jerking and heart-wrenching star-crossed-love stories or interested in a compelling, super-sexy read, trust that there’s something here for you. One thing all these books have in common, however, is they all feature truly great writing and examine sensuality in innovative ways.

Keep scrolling for our picks of the best romance novels for adults.