This Lengthening Mascara Works Better Than Products Triple the Price

If you have short eyelashes and you’re never sure how to get them to pop, strip lashes or lash extensions are always an option. But why go the expensive route when you could instead buy a mascara that gives you a similar effect for much less? Rimmel has a fantastic mascara that might just become your new favorite going forward, especially if you’re looking to stay on a strict budget.

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A tube of Rimmel Wonder’Extension Mascara is just $13 at Amazon, and it’s a surprisingly capable lengthening product that you might not recognize your lashes after using. It’s fairly new, but it’s already amassed quite the following. It sets out to give you the effect of lash extensions, which means long, full, and defined lashes. And it definitely does what it promises.

Get the Rimmel Wonder’Extension Mascara for just $13 at Amazon!

The way it achieves its lengthening effect is by using a stretchy formula that extends beyond the tip of your lashes. It uses a lash-grabbing brush to take these fibers that are deposited with the stretchy formula and lengthen them. You get a clump-free look with smudge-proof and flake-proof lashes. It actually does give you a visible lengthening and defining effect, so even if you have the shortest lashes around town, you’ll see a major difference.

Get the Rimmel Wonder’Extension Mascara for just $13 at Amazon!

Don’t spend an arm and a leg on lengthening mascaras when you can spend under $20 to get a similar effect. Your lashes (and your bank account) will end up thanking you profusely.

Get the Rimmel Wonder’Extension Mascara for just $13 at Amazon!

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