Sunny Deol is fed up with rumours of Border 2 and Gadar 3

Sunny Deol has been facing a barrage of rumors regarding potential sequels to his blockbuster films, notably Border 2 and Gadar 3. The actor expressed surprise at the widespread assumptions, particularly fueled by the success of 2023’s box office hit, Gadar 2.

In an interview, Deol expressed his frustration, stating that such speculations have been rampant since the release of the original Gadar. He highlighted the constant influx of rumours about sequels, remarking on the frequency of such assumptions and asserting that he would personally announce any future projects. Despite his irritation, he acknowledged the persistent interest from the public in sequels.

Sunny deol

Deol disclosed his ongoing collaboration with director Rajkumar Santoshi on Lahore 1947, produced by Aamir Khan. He revealed that this project had been in development for over 15 years, with the success of Gadar playing a pivotal role in garnering attention. Praising Santoshi’s talent and diverse range of subjects, Deol emphasised their successful track record, having collaborated on three previous films spanning different genres.

Sunny deol

Furthermore, Deol emphasised his commitment to choosing projects based on personal interest rather than succumbing to external pressures. He expressed understanding of audience expectations while remaining steadfast in his dedication to projects he genuinely loves. Unfazed by potential criticism, Deol prioritised artistic integrity over concerns about public reception.