Exclusive: Manisha Koirala on the not-so-required cat fights in the 90s

Manisha Koirala is one of the most sought-after actresses from the ’90s who is still mesmerizing her fans with unique performances. The actress recently opened up about her time in the ’90s and her camaraderie with her colleagues from those times. During an episode of In The Ring With Filmfare, Manisha admitted to having had cat fights with her colleagues, which she later realized were futile.

Manisha Koirala

While she did not name the actresses she wasn’t getting along with, the Heeramandi star said, “There was a time when we did fight. We did say things (to each other). But after maturing up, we realized we were involved in something that did not help anyone.” Manisha also noted that the “not-so-required” cat fights happened because they were very young. “Nobody looked better. Nobody felt better. It was such a not-so-required zone. But we were all young. We never really faced the world. I was just out of school. Likewise, for many of my colleagues back then,” she added.

Manisha Koirala

The actress also opened up about being friends with her ’90s contemporaries Raveena (Tandon) and Pooja (Bhatt). “I remember Raveena, me, and Pooja were really good friends at one time,” she quipped.

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