Follow Anushka Sharma on her colourful trip to Thailand

Anushka Sharma has been posting updates on her trip to Thailand via Instagram Stories. The star posted pictures of her meals, the street food market she visited, and a “happy” selfie she took after chowing down on some regional specialties. Anushka was partially visible in one of the photos as she drank fresh coconut water and had her hair and makeup done, probably for a photoshoot in Thailand.
Anushka uploaded pictures of a variety of colourful Thai food, including bakery cookies and various-shaped blue, pink, and green chocolates. At a street food restaurant, the actor also provided a glimpse of her lunch as she ate mango rice and sautéed green beans. Anushka posted a selfie of herself on Instagram Stories after the meal, saying, “A happy fed chappy.” She also posted a few images of the many restaurants she had been to.