WATCH: ‘Stop’: Nick Jonas pauses song after object thrown by fans

Nick Jonas has paused a song mid-performance to tell fans to “stop”.

The Jonas Brother, 30, was singing a rendition of the hit song Rollercoaster in California when what looked like a bracelet was thrown at him.

A video of the moment has hit TikTok, showing Jonas trying to catch the items before addressing the fans.

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Nick Jonas

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“Stop, stop, no!” Jonas can be heard saying in the clip, before smiling and continuing his song.

However, he soon smiled then carried on singing.

Jonas, who is married to actress Priyanka Chopra, was praised by fans for how he handled the moment.

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Nick Jonas

“He did that so well. Gets his point across but didn’t seem mean. So dad like,” one fan commented underneath the clip.

“He smiles but he is so mad. Lol,” another added.

In the last few months, many artists have been the victim of this disturbing new trend at concerts, with a number of them coming away with injuries.

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Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Jonas Brothers

The likes of Kelsea Ballerini, Cardi B and Drake have had objects thrown at them while on stage recently.

Ballerini was struck by a bracelet in the eye, Cardi B threw her microphone at a fan after a drink was hurled on her, and Drake was recently hit by a phone on stage.

Drake being hit by a fan's phone

Three weeks ago, Drake had a fan pelt a book at him while he was on stage in San Francisco.

“You lucky I’m quick,” he told the fan after catching it in time.

The Jonas Brothers, made up of Nick, Kevin and Joe, are on a world tour and will play dates in Australia next year.

Joe is making headlines for his highly-publicised divorce from wife Sophie Turner, after four years of marriage.